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ThinkWork Founder & CEO Gregory Mccallum, has spent the last 20 years in change management and lean consulting. Cutting his teeth in the entertainment, hospitality and leisure sectors and growing into the Startup and Scaleup arena in a global capacity in the last 10 years. 

During this time, ThinkWork has worked in specialising in the tech startup and scaleup space and has been behind some of the worlds fastest growing startups and most disruptive and recognised brands in the world. 

Greg is a commercial expert and gained a reputation among entrepreneurs and investors around the world as the 'Golden Goose' of business success with his intricate and detailed oriented approach to strategy and execution. 

Never one to seek the spotlight, Greg's focus is to raise others up and ensure their success at all costs.


At ThinkWork, we have access to a global network of experts across all business functions and industries to provide a practical AAA service like no other. We work at your pace and consider every perspective to ensure alignment across your whole organisation and its stake holders.

We have seen it all and have tried and tested processes to accelerate growth, bolster company culture, streamline productivity and provide peace of mind in the process. 

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