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SaaS Startup: 90 Days to Launch

An in depth course uncovering the planning, process, strategy and resources to successfully launch your SaaS startup in 90 days.


Created & Presented by ThinkWork Founder & CEO Gregory Mccallum

The Pay-As-You-Scale Commercial Advisor & Angel Investor, Gregory Mccallum has worked with over 200 founders to execute their go-to-market strategy, secure investment and/or scale operations.

By combining over 15 years of experience successfully running businesses, high revenue sales & marketing experience, and executive leadership, Greg has taken all he has learned and created a scalable and replicable framework for founders to launch their SaaS startups within 90 days from 0 to revenue.

We shall uncover the industry secrets on how to execute the following

UX Design Team

Course structure & Fee

Structure and start date

This course will focus of the three main pillars of launch with a mixture of online self serve videos and presentation, optional lectures with Gregory Mccallum and guests plus (which will be recorded and added to the online resources) tests resulting in earning skills badges as you progress. 

The course materials will release in full Monday April 24th 2023 with the first lecture taking place on Monday 1st May 2023 as the official start date for the course. 

The course will consist of 4 online lectures and participants have 6 months to complete the course online, however it is recommended that the course be completed within 2 months. 

The full course schedule (including online lectures dates, times and guest speakers) will be released with the full course structure on April 24th 2023.  

Registration and Fee

The total course price is £800 per participant with a £200 registration fee required and acting as a deposit to secure your space. This fee is none refundable. 

The cost of this course is due to rise in following cohorts. This price is introductory and limited. 

The remaining balance of £600 shall be required a minimum of 14 days prior to the course start date and participants who fail to settle this run the risk of loosing their space and their deposit. 

Spaces are limited to ensure the standard of deliver to all is maintained. This is first come first serve and the second round of registration for this course will be announced in June 2023. 

The cut off for registration is April 10th 2023. 

For any questions please contact Greg at

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