Talent Acquisition Assistance

Having an eye for talent is itself a talent! 

ThinkWork prides themselves on its ability to be able to identify talent. By working with you to implement an acquisition process, build a talent pipeline and put together best hiring and onboarding practices to ensure your organisation always attracts the best people for the job. 

ThinkWork can also assist with implementing psychological profiling, recruiting days, review CV's and sit in on interviews. 

Psychological Profiling

Using industry standard techniques ThinkWork can screen candidates during the application process with Operational Change suggestions, at arranged recruitment days/fairs, during interviews or one on one meetings as required. 

By first consulting with key stakeholders in your organisation, we can ascertain your needs not only for the position but for culture fit. By using an Organisational Psychology approach to ensure new team members not only fit but only alter the team dynamic for good and do not add any unnecessary roadblocks to progress. 

Recruitment Days

Recruitment can be time consuming and very costly. As a serious investment, ThinkWork can drastically reduce the timeframe and cost associated with the recruitment process by working either solo, with current internal recruiters, external recruiters or suggest high quality external recruiters to deliver a recruitment day.

Recruitment days generally involve a mixture of set tasks, exercises and activities followed by interviews with multiple candidates eliminating weak applicants quickly leaving you with the best of the bunch ready for you to choose from.

This service has many optional elements to it so be sure to jump on a free discovery call to discuss options and get the best talent out there as soon as possible.

CV reviewing

Another very time consuming part of recruitment and a challenge for many leaders to fit into their schedule is CV acquisition and review. Not all organisations are in the position to hire recruitment Managers and start busiling out these functions, that's where we step in.

Outsource this simple task at an affordable rate and ensure you are only having leaders review the best of the bunch. It's that simple. Get in touch to find out more. 

Interview assistance

Many of our clients value ThinkWork's input and talent expertise during the interview process. We are happy to sit in either in person or remotely to any interview either as a passive observer to produce feedback to the rest of the interviewers later or as an active participant with pre approved questions to assist you in your hiring process. This can be a very low cost but effective method of getting a fresh perspective on a candidate and, when combined with other services ThinkWork offer, can be a powerful tool to consistent hiring success stories.

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