ThinkWork Management Consultancy

ThinkWork offers a range of services to fit any scale of project and sit within any budget. 


With the option to have ThinkWork assist remotely or in person allowing for a flexibility usually not found with many other Consulting firms. 


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Business Discussion

Business Development

As experts in sales growth and strategies, ThinkWork can assist with the development, implementation and execution of tried and tested Business Development strategies to scale your organisation and grow the bottom line.  ​With a heavy focus on people and product, ThinkWork can deliver fast results within any industry vertical. Whether it be launch of a new product, relaunch of an existing product or simply acceleration of current product and services.

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Performance Improvement & Management

As any organisation grows performance and motivation fluctuates and becomes more difficult to track and stabilize. By evaluating performance then creating a performance improvement strategy that is inline with your organisations vision, values and mission statement, ThinkWork can ensure performance improvement is quickly implemented and maintained with our Performance Management services. ThinkWork can also assist by simply providing quarterly or annual Performance reviews in the absence of team leads or department heads based on your KPIs and other requirements.

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Operations Improvement & Management

As many organisations grow operational infrastructure is built layer by layer as and when elements are required. This is entirely understandable as your main goal is to ensure Net New is constantly growing and product is inline with consumer demands. However, this does mean many organisations arrive at a point where operations is a mixture of many individual contributions over a long period of time leaving processes, procedure and policy incoherent ​at worst or too complex for growth at best.

ThinkWork are able to provide a deep dive on your operational status. With a top to bottom evaluation we can identify key areas that require improvement and remove the stress and worry of key players by implementing immediate and effective change to streamline all areas of operations.

ThinkWork can also continue to monitor Operations or assist with the recruitment to start building your Operations function.

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Growth Management

To look at growth ThinkWork utilizes its entire skill set. Evaluating Operations, Talent, Performance, Business Development, Market positioning and your Marketing strategy to build a picture of what is required to push your organisation to the next level.

All organisations require a set of new eyes once in a while to look to the future and achieve goals that often seem unattainable. By working with your department heads, team leads and product experts ThinkWork can develop and implement an in depth growth strategy sure to accelerate your organisation as planned. Ideal for any business falling a little short of projected growth targets or suffering from key player losses resulting in falling behind forecasting.

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Talent Acquisition Assistance 

Having an eye for talent is itself a talent! 

ThinkWork prides themselves on its ability to be able to identify talent. By working with you to implement an acquisition process, build a talent pipeline and put together best hiring and onboarding practices to ensure your organisation always attracts the best people for the job. 

ThinkWork can also assist with implementing psychological profiling, recruiting days, review CV's and sit in on interviews.  

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