Growth Management

To look at growth ThinkWork utilizes its entire skill set. Evaluating Operations, Talent, Performance, Business Development, Market positioning and your Marketing strategy to build a picture of what is required to push your organisation to the next level.

All organisations require a set of new eyes once in a while to look to the future and achieve goals that often seem unattainable. By working with your department heads, team leads and product experts ThinkWork can develop and implement an in depth growth strategy sure to accelerate your organisation as planned. Ideal for any business falling a little short of projected growth targets or suffering from key player losses resulting in falling behind forecasting.


All of ThinkWorks processes start with an evaluation of things as they are now, how you perceive them as currently and where your organisation would like things to be. No action is taken until this is clear and all parties are aligned with how to move forward.

Growth Management is an all encompassing project for ThinkWork. Utilising all of our skill sets to provide a big picture of current and projected growth rate and the internal and external contributors to those findings. 

We work very closely at the executive level of organisations to generate an accurate evaluation of growth and how best to deliver a growth strategy that meets expectations.



Taking all over planning processes into consideration we work tirelessly to ensure all key stakeholders at all levels of your organisation are in agreement with how best to achieve systemic, replicable and robust growth. Our plan could involve a wide range of change management projects and as such time frames vary project to project. This will be laid out, discussed and altered according to your requirements.

A large scale Growth strategy often coincides with Marketing and Sales function projects. Should this apply to you, ThinkWork will develop a plan that not only involves them from the outset, but look to give them the tools to continue growth through innovation and high performance by providing them with a growth mindset and entrepreneurial spirit that all dream teams need to achieve high levels of success.


ThinkWork will only deploy an agreed Growth strategy with key stakeholder approval and once given the green light will work tirelessly to ensure its success. By now you will have a good understanding of the ThinkWork process and methodology, so here you are free to give ThinkWork autonomy to execute or have deployment include touch points with high or low levels of stakeholder oversight. The choice is yours and varies organisation to organisation and project to project. 


ThinkWork is always keen to grow, learn and develop along the way. No project goes entirely as planned and as such ThinkWork turns this to an advantage; ensuring part of the execution process is to constantly evaluate and evolve and ensure our aligned goals are met. Many Consultancy firms rely on stagnating projects or 'afterwork' to generate recurring revenue. ThinkWork relies on to the letter execution and delivering promises for return business, not prolonging current projects. Your success is our success. It's that simple.

We will continue to evaluate all areas of your organisation, measure all relevant data and maintain effective communication between all involved in deployment and execution.




ThinkWork are usually the first to tell organisations delivery has been achieved and goals have been or will now be met. We will inform you and deliver a full report. However with Growth Management, goal posts can often move and targets adjusted based on budget, market fluctuations and resources. With that in mind we will monitor our progress and only suggest to continue working with you if it is in your best interest to do so post delivery.

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