Business Development

As experts in sales growth and strategies, ThinkWork can assist with the development, implementation and execution of tried and tested Business Development strategies to scale your organisation and grow the bottom line.  ​With a heavy focus on people and product, ThinkWork can deliver fast results within any industry vertical. Whether it be launch of a new product, relaunch of an existing product or simply acceleration of current product and services.


All of ThinkWorks processes start with an evaluation of things as they are now, how you perceive them as currently and where your organisation would like things to be. No action is taken until this is clear and all parties are aligned with how to move forward. In many cases elements of performance and operations is identified as being key influences on the likely success of Business Development strategies. If this is the case ThinkWork will advise accordingly and work with you to streamline all elements involved.



Once all parties agree to move on to the planning phase we will work closely with you to develop a Business Development strategy around your core vision and values. Ensuring the approach is inline with your organisations product, marketing guidelines and branding to deliver a strategy that your organisation can execute with little to no friction and start generating results immediately. Time lines, touchpoints and all other aspects will be covered at this point and set for regular evaluation from deployment.

We also provide training to key players tasked with deployment and ensure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet prior to deployment to ensure a smooth strategy launch.


ThinkWork will only deploy an agreed Business Development strategy with key stakeholder approval and once given the green light will work tirelessly to ensure its success. By now you will have a good understanding of the ThinkWork process and methodology, so here you are free to give ThinkWork autonomy to execute or have deployment include touch points with high or low levels of stakeholder oversight. The choice is yours and varies organisation to organisation and project to project. 


ThinkWork is always keen to grow, learn and develop along the way. No project goes entirely as planned and as such ThinkWork turns this to an advantage; ensuring part of the execution process is to constantly evaluate and evolve and ensure our aligned goals are met. Many Consultancy firms rely on stagnating projects or 'afterwork' to generate recurring revenue. ThinkWork relies on to the letter execution and delivering promises for return business, not prolonging current projects. Your success is our success. It's that simple.

We will continue to evaluate all areas of your organisation, measure all relevant data and maintain effective communication between all involved in deployment and execution.




ThinkWork are usually the first to tell organisations delivery has been achieved and goals have been or will now be met. We will inform you and deliver a full report. We only want to be involved in your process for as little time as possible when it comes to Business Development. Why? Because it's about delivery, not oversight. We deliver to enable you to maintain a high level of success with our proven strategies and allow you to replicate and maintain in order to rely on your now upskilled team and process and not a third party. 

Having said this there are some instances where our involvement is continued; organisations frequently bringing new products to market, building new functions or have high key stakeholder turnover may often require ThinkWork Business Development services on retainer. However, this is few and far between. This would likely be discussed in the planning phase but if at delivery of our first project together you wish to continue working together in a professional capacity, then this can be arranged. Just let us know. 

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