An Introduction to Inside B2B Sales

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This course is designed to introduce you to the basic elements of Inside/Online B2B sales. The course is broken down into the following structure: Section one: Online B2B Sales Basics 1.1 Introduction to the course 1.2 Terminology and basic principles 1.3 Product, Product, Product! 1.4 The 80/20 Rules 1.5 Is it cold in here? Section two: The Outbound Sales function 2.1 SDRs & Inside Sales 2.2 Sales Copywriting Basics 2.3 Emails 2.4 Social Media Channels 2.5 Social Media Posting 2.6 Moving to the sales pipeline Section three: Sales Theory 3.1 Introduction to Sales Theory 3.2 AIDAS Theory 3.3 “Right Set of Circumstances” theory 3.4 “Buying Formula” theory 3.5 “Behavioral Equation” theory Section 4: Sales Psychology 4.1 Introduction to Sales Psychology 4.2 Trust 4.3 Narrative 4.4 FOMO Section five: Being data driven 5.1 Gathering, tracking and maintenance 5.2 Gathering 5.3 Tracking 5.4 Maintain 5.5 Bonus Lecture: Platforms to use Test your Knowledge

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